Financial Permaculture: Making Financial Independence (FI) More Meaningful & Resilient

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By the time I was exposed to permaculture (a design science that looks to nature’s closed-loop, no waste system as the model) I had already amassed a bit of savings in my employer based retirement accounts. It wasn’t enough savings to consider myself rich, yet it was enough that I wanted to think about how to wisely steward it in more sustainable, regenerative and less extractive ways. I am not of the mindset to donate all of this money to charity (in part because, as I wrote about here, I don’t think charity is very effective in many cases). Nor am I inclined to invest it in a property to regenerate myself as I have just moved in with my boyfriend and want to support his efforts. Taking on an additional property would be beyond my current bandwidth.

This has left me looking to financial permaculture for guidance…. Continue reading “Financial Permaculture: Making Financial Independence (FI) More Meaningful & Resilient”

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