A Roundup of Sustainability and Financial Independence

Perusing the internet over the past couple years I have encountered a handful of financial independence (FI) bloggers and podcasters who are considering the environmental impact of their lifestyles. I find it heartening to find these posts and podcasts. Through this blog I would like to provide those interested with a forum to take this conversation to the next level beyond what has currently been covered in the FI community. This involves pondering how to reach FI through more environmentally and socially conscious investments, income generation, and actions versus the more traditional methods of index fund and rental property* investing. Continue reading “A Roundup of Sustainability and Financial Independence”

A Reluctant FI Blogger, But Nobody Else Is Talking About This

Is it possible to achieve financial independence (FI) while pursuing a triple bottom line, which values people, planet, and profit? I sure think so, but it’s not as straight forward as setting up monthly automatic deposits into low-cost broad based stock market index funds or investing in rental properties and later living off the 4% withdrawl rule, which seems to be the mainstream approach to FI currently. I certainly understand the appeal of these simpler approaches and am delighted that these options have made financial independence accessible to so many people. Continue reading “A Reluctant FI Blogger, But Nobody Else Is Talking About This”