In Lieu of a February Blog Post

This month finds me with a very long to do list as I pack up my belongings and prepare my house to put it up for sale in a few weeks. I’ll be moving in with my boyfriend, just a couple miles away. I’m selling the house because I don’t want to be a landlord. However, my boyfriend and I have considered investing in a property close to his house at which we could host small group retreats teaching others about sustainable living and investing as a path to financial independence. We’ll see what the future brings on that front…. Continue reading “In Lieu of a February Blog Post”

My Guest Post on Sisters for FI

A number of female bloggers in the FIRE space are highlighting the connections between sustainable living and financial independence. One of those young ladies is Catherine, one of two sisters behind the website Sisters for FI. I gladly accepted her invitation to submit a guest post, which is the first in a new series on their site showcasing women, who are simultaneously pursuing FI and a triple bottom line, which equally values people, planet, and profit (3pfi) — sounded like a great fit to me!!! Continue reading “My Guest Post on Sisters for FI”

Going Confidently and Joyfully Rogue on the Path to Financial Independence

Back in March Mr. Money Mustache (MMM), probably the most well-known FIRE blogger, penned a post he titled Money and Confidence Are Interchangeable. (Make sure to check out his Recipe for Badass Confidence towards the end of his post.) In this article he gives some examples from his own life to make the case that a person who has enough confidence could quit a job s/he doesn’t like to pursue work s/he does enjoy and make enough money to live a comfortable, happy life. MMM notes that since many people lack this confidence they stick with a well-paying job that makes them miserable because they fear they’ll be unable to create sufficient income streams on their own doing work that’s meaningful to them. Continue reading “Going Confidently and Joyfully Rogue on the Path to Financial Independence”

My Guest Post on the Your Money or Your Life Blog

I was honored and delighted to be invited by Vicki Robin, co-author of the seminal and paradigm shifting book Your Money or Your Life (YMOYL), to submit the first guest post on her new blog.  YMOYL is one of the books most frequently referenced in the FIRE (financial independence/retire early) realm. It certainly had a strong impact on my life when I read it almost ten years ago.

Happy Reading….

From Diplomat to Dumpster Diver – Waste Stream Diversion Part I

Okay, so the title is technically accurate, but I primarily used it for its alliteration and click-bait potential. For two and a half years I carried an official diplomatic passport issued by the U.S. government when I represented my country at an embassy overseas during my stint as a Fascell Fellow with the State Department. After that, I moved to Washington, DC., where I lived for eleven years. It was during this time that I first heard about and went dumpster diving. Continue reading “From Diplomat to Dumpster Diver – Waste Stream Diversion Part I”

My Triple Bottom Line Path to Financial Independence (FI) So Far…

I was fortunate to grow up with pretty frugal, thrifty, financially responsible influences around me. My parents and grand parents lived well within their means and other than mortgages for homes they lived in and possibly car notes didn’t tend to carry much debt. I realized that I had grown into someone with a strong aversion to debt when I completed 3 years of service as a Peace Corps volunteer plus one post-college year of study at a university overseas and could no longer defer the $13,000 in student loan debt I had accumulated during my days as an undergraduate student. Continue reading “My Triple Bottom Line Path to Financial Independence (FI) So Far…”