FIRE Drill Podcast – My Guest Appearance

Welcome to my first ever podcast interview!!!!

If I maintained a bucket list I imagine being interviewed on a podcast would  be on it. And as of today  — well the actual interview was recorded on September 4, but the interview didn’t go live on the internet until today — I could cross that item off the list.  Continue reading “FIRE Drill Podcast – My Guest Appearance”

The Problem is the Solution – Waste Stream Diversion Part III

Fear sells so the media and advertisers inundate us with messages of scarcity. Having peered into many dumpsters and watched numerous documentaries on the subject of waste it seems to me that the real issue, which gets far less attention, is poor distribution and reuse of the abundance that surrounds us. Our current version of capitalism as well as the limiting beliefs under which many of us operate discourage the re-directing of so many still usable items from food to furniture to essentially everything that gets thrown out. Continue reading “The Problem is the Solution – Waste Stream Diversion Part III”

Sustainable Side Hustles – Waste Stream Diversion Part II

So much of what ends up in the trash may not be needed by the person throwing it away, but could easily be put to use by somebody else. Unfortunately, capitalism often makes it more economically viable for businesses and people to throw things away than to re-direct them to people and businesses that could use them. My rationale for dumpster diving melds my environmental concern with the obvious economic benefit of obtaining much of the food I eat, the clothes I wear, and many other items for free. In fact, I find so many still usable items of value in the trash that I am able to generate a couple thousand dollars every year selling this “waste.” Continue reading “Sustainable Side Hustles – Waste Stream Diversion Part II”