FIRE Drill Podcast – My Guest Appearance

Welcome to my first ever podcast interview!!!!

If I maintained a bucket list I imagine being interviewed on a podcast would  be on it. And as of today  — well the actual interview was recorded on September 4, but the interview didn’t go live on the internet until today — I could cross that item off the list. 

I’m delighted to have reached that milestone with J and Gwen, the two millennials, behind the FIRE Drill podcast. As someone who is pursuing a less traditional path to FIRE (financial independence, retire early), I greatly appreciate the effort they put into identifying guests who are doing more than investing in low-cost, broad based index funds (stocks) as a means of achieving FIRE. Their podcast episodes, which emphasize side-hustles, creativity, and out of the box thinking  inspire and educate me on a regular basis.

Head on over to the interview and show notes – Sustainability and FI Through Dumpster Diving | Laura from Triple Bottom Line FI – and then stay on the site and look around to see what other informative podcasts you can find to listen to as well.

Happy Listening!

What do you think?

I’d love to hear your impressions from the interview in the comments below.



4 thoughts on “FIRE Drill Podcast – My Guest Appearance”

    1. Thank you, Robert for letting me know you found the information useful. I’m delighted that starting this blog is helping me achieve my goal of connecting with like-minded people.

    1. Thanks, Angela. I agree. It is wonderful to hear from more and more environmentally and socially conscious people pursuing financial independence. It’s important for us to connect to inspire and learn from each other.

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