In Lieu of a February Blog Post

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This month finds me with a very long to do list as I pack up my belongings and prepare my house to put it up for sale in a few weeks. I’ll be moving in with my boyfriend, just a couple miles away. I’m selling the house because I don’t want to be a landlord. However, my boyfriend and I have considered investing in a property close to his house at which we could host small group retreats teaching others about sustainable living and investing as a path to financial independence. We’ll see what the future brings on that front….

Given all of the activity in the lead up to selling my house I haven’t had time to compile an in-depth blog post on any of the numerous topics lurking and waiting patiently for me in my drafts folder. I didn’t want to let the month go by though, without connecting with readers, even if in a briefer format.

This more condensed article affords me a great opportunity to share how heartened I am by the increasing number of bloggers (and their growing audiences) in the FI/RE space considering the social and environmental impact of their investments  and lifestyles. Similar to my first blog post Kristine at Frugasaurus did us all a great service by compiling a list of “10 Awesome Sustainable Frugal Bloggers to Follow” in which I was thrilled and flattered to be included. I would also add her site to this list. She is another FI/RE blogger trying to prioritize regenerative vs. extractive earning, spending, and investing. I encourage you to check out Frugasaurus as well as the other blogs on her and my lists.

I hope, as the attention being paid to this FI/RE space increases, someone will eventually start a podcast or maybe even a YouTube channel focusing on this angle. (I encounter enough technical difficulty and frustration maintaining this simple little blog so I’m going to leave these additional online opportunities for other more tech savvy fire walkers to capitalize on.) This arena is especially prime for those in the FI/RE world with strong spreadsheet, data crunching, and investing skills to gather, analyze, distill, compile, compare and contrast, and share what they learn about existing sustainable and regenerative investment opportunities (especially those available to non-accredited investors; and I don’t just mean SRI index funds) with this growing audience.

I recently found something that can be helpful in the interim — As You Sow’s Invest Your Values free online tools, which screen mutual fund holdings against specific environmental, social, and governance issues. Now we can search to see how the mutual funds in which we’ve invested measure up and have a better sense of what our investment dollars are actually supporting. Plug in the name of a fund you are invested in and see if you are profiting from deforestation and climate change, fossil fuels, weapons, tobacco, and more.

I’ll be back in March with a full blog post once I’m settled in my new abode…..

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